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Writing this page made me realise I've amassed some cool life lessons and experiences. 

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Follow Your Dreams!

My dream was to be a professional basketball player when I was young - BOOM - Had reconstructive patella tendon surgery and I was done playing basketball for two full years. (Age 18 - 20)






"The Obstacle Is The Way"

Making sure the next generation doesn't have all the injuries and problems that I have and teach 'em how to move correctly. My passion became strength training and then - BOOM - My tricep tendon snapped while playing basketball and I was out of intense strength training for two years with a chronic inflammation in my elbow.

Relativity or Resilience ?

I never even got close to depression during those periods and I shifted my attention to something different. I never stopped learning and I developed an interest in business. My passion for travel kept on growing after multiple collaborations for content creation. I found myself torn between being a coach and between being a free spirit. - BOOM- Ultimately I decided to quit my dream job.

Take the Leap, Always

I quit my job and I travelled the world with my girlfriend for almost two years. Developed a keen eye for photography and video. Wrote travel blogs for one of the biggest travel pages in Belgium. Created a portfolio which got me to stay in hotels for free. It was the most amazing experience in my life. But then COVID-19 happened and I found myself stuck in the Philippines for fifty days... and was forced to return to Belgium.

From Zero to Hero

With no job and no actual plan I was in limbo for six months after the return to Belgium. Looking for a job was extremely hard and it felt like reality slapped me in the face.


Little by little, I got some clients to train. I encountered a fulltime job which allowed me to focus on personal training as well. Out of necessity I co-founded Seiza Training to integrate movement in corporate settings and selling online courses to people who want to restore their posture and work on their longterm health.

De Garage-3.jpg
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