Not the most interesting man in the world, but interesting enough to get you here!


Follow Your Dreams!

My dream was to be a professional basketball player when I was young - BOOM - Had reconstructive patella tendon surgery and I was done playing basketball for two full years. (Age 18 - 20)






"The Obstacle Is The Way"

Making sure the next generation doesn't have all the injuries and problems that I have and teach 'em how to move correctly. My passion became strength training and then - BOOM - My tricep tendon snapped while playing basketball and I was out of intense strength training for two years with chronic pain in my elbow.

Relativity - Being Selfish & Living in the Moment

I never became depressed during those periods and I shifted my attention to something different. I never stopped learning and I developed a keen interest in business. Something snapped though after becoming sick during a backpacking trip in Indonesia 2017. I had worked my butt off and the fatigue transformed me into a slave of my job. I wasn't working on the business, I was working in the business.

Multiple efforts to turn my state of mind and the business around failed and I found myself trapped into a position I had created myself.

So here we are now

I'm a golden example of the modern generation that does not have a clue what to do with this thing called life.





What's going to happen now right?

Well, that's the story...

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