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Bali - There's Two Sides

Bijgewerkt op: 21 jun. 2018

Bali is thé hotspot in the world right now and your vacation to Bali might be disappointing if you based off your expectation off of Instagram pictures and legendary stories of Barry the Backpacker who was in Bali for 6 months.

Everyone knows Canggu, Sanur, Uluwatu and Ubud and when you're in Bali for just two weeks or so, most people go to the safe spots and think they HAVE to see these places.


Bali is a place where you should definitely do the opposite. Try to hang out in places that don't make it into the magazines, the places you've never heard of and the chances are pretty high your jaw will drop to floor level.

We started out in 2017 in Lovina, but never really stayed in Lovina. We had motorbike trips that exceeded two hours going to the heart of Bali and believe me, the trips in itself is the true highlight of your Bali vacation. The amount of green, palmtrees, valleys, viewpoints are endless throughout your road. I would highly discourage getting a private driver and just be on the adventure yourself! The entire region around the Sekumpul Waterfalls is amazing.

Another tip is to go to Pemuturan and the region around it. We didn't had any time left during our trip and we now feel sorry that we never got a chance to take a look there.

Expect a bunch less tourists and a bunch more green. (Yes, even more green :-) )

After our stay in Lovina we took a looong taxi ride from Lovina to Ubud, that means going through the heart of Bali. It was the most expensive drive of our entire vacation but the views are epic! If you think Tegalalang Rice Fields are beautiful then you haven't seen the rice fields in the heart of Bali.

Touristy Places that are well worth your time

Now there's a reason why some places have a whole lot of tourists. Because the things you experience and/or see there are well worth your time.


Ubud is definitely the perfect example. Ubud is crowded, but still holds on to their cultural habits and people don't get imitated by the amount of tourists, which is in itself a cool thing to see. Ubud is an artists' capital and cruising through the streets watching wood workers do their thing is a Must for everyone.

The city has Monkey Forrest road as the main (tourist) road and a bunch of junk shops can be found here as well as local design stores which are worth your time for a visit. Although it feels fake, the whole city center is fun to walk in. People are friendly all over and bars and restaurants have healthy alternatives to drink and eat. Prices are a little bit higher than the rest of Bali but it still quite cheap.

Our tip for a short stop?

Tukies Coconut Icecream! Trust me!


Another well-known place in Bali that gets millions of tourists. What makes Uluwatu worth your time?

Countless beaches and hidden gems scattered throughout a small area. So again, rent a motorbike and discover!

A couple of things to discover:

- Nyang Nyang Beach

- Uluwatu Temple

- Padang Padang Beach

- Suluban Beach (the cave you've probably seen already)

- Balangan Beach (bring a hat!)

- Pandawa Beach (if you like to be alone)

- Dreamland Beach

- Bingin Beach (watch the surfers! Bring a hat!)

- Greenbowl Beach (come early because there will be a lot of tourists)

A great central hotel with lots of restaurant options:

U Tube Hotel

Yes, it's close to the main road but it has the advantage that it's 10 minutes from almost everything on my list to do :)

A restaurant where we went to eat everyday:

El Merkat

A wide variety on the menu card, I advise you to try their lemonades and their sandwiches!

Your partner wants Sushi and you want Pizza? No problem:

Pizzeria Italia

The pizza with rocket salad is delicious and try the Tiramisu as the dessert!

Safe travels!

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