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Changing Antwerp with Poppy

Bijgewerkt op: 28 mei 2018

If you're setting up a program that says will change Antwerp. You're putting the bar up high. But Poppy has high aspirations and rightfully so.

Poppy is a car sharing application that features environment friendly cars to your availability. You just have to download the Poppy app, register and you're good to go. The app shows where a car is in your neighborhood and you can book and open the car with the application. It's that easy.

You have to be in the Antwerp zone though, with the exception of Wijnegem Shopping Center.

1. Open the Poppy app

2. Search for a car

3. Book a car

4. Open the car and you're off!

Poppy has two type of cars: The E-Golf Valkswagon and the Audi A3 CNG. My personal favorite is the E-Golf. It drives so smooth and riding a fully electric car is a joy and feels so relaxing. Aaand if hit you hit the pedal to the metal, oh boy, it's a rocket.

But drive safe though! ;-)

Your first 30 minutes are on the house, you don't have to pay anything. After that it's 33 cents a minute and it will bill automatically from your credit card. No hassle, no trouble, easy peasy.

Do I use it as a substitute for my other means of transportation?


But Poppy is the solution to these type of problems:

- You're in Antwerp, it starts to rain and you need to be on the other side of the city; You grab Poppy

- You're visiting a friend who lives outside the city center and you need to go to the city center; You grab Poppy

- You wanna go get some drinks, but don't want to catch a taxi; You grab Poppy (and call a taxi to go home ofcourse ;-) )

- ...

There's just a million situations where Poppy comes in and saves the day!

If you have the balls to put "Mobility" in your brand name and you succeed in a city like Antwerp, the rest of the world is child's play.

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