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Daniel Wellington

Who doesn't know Daniel Wellington?

The brand is being used in every course of Digital Marketing as a prime example of using Instagram as a tool to expand their public.

I was in absolute (positive) shock when they asked if I could collab with them!

I chose a navy inspired design.

Blue stripes are my personal favorite and there's a good chance if you see me, I'm wearing something with naval striped!

So this choice was a no brainer.

The watch is so easy to wear, wether you're going with the high-end classy look or just casual. The watch is wearable with literally everything!

I wear this one every week and I'm 100% sure this will never go out of style.

Kudos to Daniel Wellington creating a timeless piece!

I never really wore watched until Daniel Wellington send me a message. Now I can feel the difference in your look with just a simple wrist piece!

I advise everyone to take a look at their collection because everything looks good over there.

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