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Bijgewerkt op: 21 jun. 2018

You want to go on a vacation desperately - but you're short on cash

You absolutely need some sunshine - but you don't want to travel to far

Well... Egypt might be a good choice!

Imagine February in Belgium; freezing temperatures, no sunshine and a heavy dose of rain. Couple that with a girlfriend that just started working and is in a dire need of vacation and sunshine, we needed a destination that was low-budget and had a 99% chance of sunshine.

After discussing various destinations, we saw some friends of ours going to Egypt and sunny pictures came after. The temperatures were a whopping 25°C and we were convinced Egypt would be the destination!

Egypt has a lot of All-In Hotels at your choice. Even though All-In vacations aren't our thing, leaving Belgium for seven days and relaxing in the sun is well worth staying in a lazy bum hotel :-)

Our hotel was "The Three Corners - Fayrouz", owned by a Belgian Entrepreneur who now has over 10 hotels in Egypt. He started out small with an icecream shop and now runs a monopoly in hotel chains in Egypt; quite bossy.

The hotel is based in Marsa Alam in the middle of nowhere actually. It's as big as my entire neighborhood where I live but it's done in a tasteful way so it feels quite small. The food was a major plus, which is quite important if you stay in a hotel that delivers all your meals.

You stay at the sea side and honestly, there's absolutely nothing to do in Marsa Alam but go snorkeling and diving. That's why we booked a trip to Luxor!

Luxor is an amazing place. Even though it's a five to six hour ride from Marsa Alam, it's definitely worth visiting. Luxor is a city filled with historic monuments from the Egyptian Golden Age. Highlight: Karnak Temple!

Make sure you plan thoroughly to visit Karnak Temple, because it's huge and worth your time staying there! Our guide didn't do that and he gave us just 8 (!) minutes of spare time there.

Driving through Luxor and a sparkle of creativity gives you the ability to really picture an Egyptian city of the past. Huge remains are kept in such a good condition that it helps you imagine how things had been in that day and age.

We also made the trip down to the Valley of the Kings where all the fallen Pharaohs are laid down to rest. Unfortunately it was forbidden to take pictures in the Tombs of the Kings. Walking down and entering the Tombs give you a creepy feeling. It's kind of unrealistic walking in those tombs and it took some time to really understand the magnitude of it.

Regardless of where you stay in Egypt, I definitely recommend visiting Luxor. All of the sight are short drives apart from one another and it would make a perfect day out!

The rest of our vacation was filled with eating, tanning, reading and creating this website ;)

If you have more questions about our trip to Egypt, let me know in the comments!

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