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Fasting - How It Became A Weekly Thing

Bijgewerkt op: 28 mei 2018

Fasting has garnered a lot of attention these last couple of years, especially Intermittent Fasting. Intermittent Fasting is a diet that doesn't prescribes WHAT you eat but WHEN you eat. I prefer a full day fast once a week.

Before you continue reading let me tell you something about my style before you jump on the hate train:

- I don't like scientific articles who have been written by a 60 year old virgin

- I don't like the word "sources"

- I don't like fancy scientific words who try to mask you're inexperience about something

- I do like articles that are fun to read

- I do like jokes, retarded comments that strengthen a point

- I do like hearing from people who have actually DONE it, instead of READ about it and/or HEARD ABOUT it

Let's go

I've tried Intermittent Fasting before but it remained difficult for me holding myself to this strict window because I'm addicted to eating (everything) and my self-pig-being.

There is another option. Which is fasting for a full day, once a week.

"Uhh ... What?"

Well, because whenever you eat, your stomach needs 'healing'.

That's right.

Whenever you eat, you're kinda destroying your tummy. It takes time to digest foods and when that process is fulfilled we're probably eating a snack or another meal. That's why fasting for a full day gives your digestive system a welcomed period to relax, chill and most importantly...heal.

This is the reason why fasting gets praised so much for its health benefits. Your organs finally have some time to catch up to our consumerism habits.

"So why isn't everyone doing it?"

Terrific question! It takes some introspective skill and discipline to do it to be honest.

We are raised by habits. We wake up, we drink our coffee, we eat our breakfast and head out to school, to work or... something else. Even though sometimes we're not hungry, we just do it... because Moms told us so.

Whenever we skip this meal, something's just off about our start of the day. Is this physical? No, it's mental. It's our habitual process that's not being fulfilled and our brains send us a signal: "Bro, where the food at?"

If we ignore this signal, we're still alright. Really. We don't need this much food anyway.

When the clock strikes 12, our tummy starts roaring again. Hold up, wait a minute and ask yourself: "Have you done so much physical tasks that your body needs fuel?" If the answer is no, ignore this feeling. Have a glass of coffee, pour yourself a hot cup of tea and go on with your day.

If you still haven't eaten up to this point. You'll start to notice you're attention span has never been as sharp as now. You're creative, you're focussed in like a laser and you have a craving to DO SHIT.

Now you're feeling like Bradley Cooper in Limitless but without the pills and without the good looks:

Okay, this may not seem so convincing but hold on:

I have told you about my eating capabilities, they're huge. And the return I get from it is a bloated belly, gassiness ( :D ) and this feeling where I just want to sit in a couch and do nothing.

When you're fasting you don't have any of it. The only downside? About after 3 or 4 PM your inner voice starts to test you and you begin to have the Angel Voice on your right shoulder and the Devil Voice on your left:

This is a good time to go do something.

Workout, read a book, watch a movie, go have a coffee with some friends. For me, this is the hardest part. Going from 4PM to 8PM without any food, because my Devil on my shoulder is a Speed infused Snooky from Jersey Shore who wants to go party, in which party is food.

After the 'dinner' timeframe I'm so proud of myself, it's a cakewalk towards bedtime.

You're already thinking of breakfast when you finally hit the sack.

I advise everyone to try a full day fast and feel how your cognitive levels shoot up to the moon, how good your stomach feels and how cool you think you are when you succeed.

I do not advise to do heavy squatting or deadlifting on a fast day :-)

You can find a Youtube video I made in which I did a 48H fast

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