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Going to Bali! Now What?

Bijgewerkt op: 21 jun. 2018

Great news, you've booked your flight to Bali! #Wanderlust and all that shit.

But really, you get there, you land, now what?

A lot of the times, you're looking at a late arrival and your first night is terribly tiring because of transport, checking in and all the stuff that's not so fun about travelling. Fortunately for you, there's a low cost hotel that's in walking distance from the airport. That means no taxi fares and no waiting on the taxi!

The Airport Kuta Hotel and Residences is a 15minute walk away from the Airport and is a cheap first night during your Bali stay.

No it's not a superhigh quality Bali Villa, but the beds and sheets are clean, there's warm water and the people over there are friendly to help you find a taxi for the morning after. In short, it fits the bill.

So you've had a great night of sleep and now you want to start your Bali adventure.

1. Grab a taxi on the street. Bluecab

2. Let your hotel fix a taxi

3. Uber ! But make sure you have a zone where's there's no other taxi's and not close to the hotel itself as well.

Where in Bali?

That's up to you ofcourse!

Do you want all the Instagram pics like everybody else? Than yeah, stay close in the area of the airport, Ubud, Canggu, Uluwatu.

My tip?

Make sure you explore Northern Bali, Western Bali and the Center of Bali. Just rent a motorbike and take off cruising wherever your heart desires you to. Literally everywhere you drive is a scenic sight to behold.

More on that here

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