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Bijgewerkt op: 28 mei 2018

Did you know it was accepted for men to use cremes, hair products, face masks and all that stuff?

House99 made me realize that :-)

House99 is a new brand created by Metrosexual legend David Beckham. That dude who made looking good his day job and playing professional soccer his side job.

When David Beckham makes products that make you look better, you listen, you pay attention, you try it for yourself.

That's why I made the trip to Brussels to Bayer&Bayer and try some of that stuff on myself!

The Products

After a great experience in barbershop Bayer&Bayer I received a giftbox with some of the products of House99 by David Beckham. To this day I still use some of them:

The Pomade

You know the look movie-actors have when they get out of bed, but their hair is still styled to perfection even though you can't see any glance from a gel and/or wax? Well, it's pomade and it works quite good and it's easy!

When you blow dry your hair and it has that perfect look and you don't want to touch it anymore because you're scared you'll screw it up. Just use the pomade through your hair and you'll keep that look throughout the day!

The Beard Oil

Now hear me out. I don't have a beard and I won't ever have one probably because it looks like Ed Sheeran's but I do use this oil as an after shave and let me tell you... It works wonders for my skin.

The cologne in the oil is worth your money as well. I ain't even gonna lie, I sometimes use it as cologne as well.

For those of you that actually have a beard? Are guys, I have no idea :D

But the cologne and aftershave powers are for real in this one!

The Eye Balm

After a heavy workweek my eyes look like the final minute of a Fight Club movie battle and I know I needed something. But hey, I got my ego and selfrespect so I don't go around Googling what kind of beautyproduct I need to look decent.

So thank good House99 invited me over because now I know a miracle product. Eye Balm by House99. On Friday, I still look like Monday, so that's saying something!

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