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"It's gotta be the SHOES"

Bijgewerkt op: 8 jun. 2018

Tough, streetstyle and all class - That's Nubikk

A brand from Holland which isn't shy of making a statement. Nubikk is a fairly young brand but launched itself into the scene by creating the type of shoe that leaves you in awe of its beauty. The designs are pure and shine in their simplicity. The details of the finishing touches are done to perfection.

The name comes from 'nubuck', the original leather that's being used to make the shoes. The shoes are designed with an easy purpose. Look great, stand the test of time, be durable and an acceptable price. Let me tell you, those Dutch dudes killed it!

The shoes are designed in Holland, fabricated in Portugal and the material is originated from Italy (where everything tastes, smells, looks and feels better).

Here are my fav Nubikks up to date, click the pictures to visit their shop!

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