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South East Asia: How to get there?

Bijgewerkt op: 21 jun. 2018

It doesn't matter if you're going to:

- Thailand

- Bali

- Java

- Sumatra

- Lombok

- The Nusa Islands

- The Gili's

- Vietnam

- Cambodia

- ...

You're probably going to need a lot of flights to get there!

Lots of flights and long flights mean... lots of money.

Here's my tips on how to book your flights, possible layover options, when to book flights and insider details about flights.

Looking for flights

I live in Antwerp, Belgium so our options are Brussels Airport and Schiphol in Amsterdam. But when you type in your flight options on a website make sure to try out Antwerp, Brussels, Eindhoven etc.

We had a great option last year where we had our train ticket from Antwerp-Central to Schiphol Amsterdam and a direct flight to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. When we typed in Amsterdam as our Departure, those flights were way more expensive than the Antwerp option. So make sure to look out for that!

Arrival options could be anything near your original destination idea. But you don't have to try every other option. The search engine is smart and tries every option possible.

We use every single time!

Layover options

Arrival options could be anything, but I'm just going to talk about the one's we've experienced.


When flying from Amsterdam to Jakarta, you can expect to spend your transit in Dubai when flying with Emirates. Whenever your flight catches any time delay, Emirates will give you a $10 voucher for some food and drinks during your transit.

Don't expect a full buffet, the prices are pretty steep :-)

The terminals in Dubai are pretty big and have endless shopping opportunities, so if you're looking at a 4H transit, don't worry. Your girlfriend is going to have time management issues.


The Malaysian Transit option is Kuala Lumpur. We decided to have a layover in Kuala Lumpur before getting back home in '17. That was a mistake. The city is huge and has quite the array of sky scrapers but it lacks any atmosphere whatsoever. It feels cold and the people live in poverty scattered throughout the metropolis.

Yes the Towers are quite cool, but if that's the only reason to visit Kuala Lumpur then don't. Skip it.

We even had a flasher when we were walking back to our appartement. The dude didn't gave up and actively stalked us so we had to take another route, which caused us to get lost in the city.

Kuala Lumpur has one street where all the bars and restaurants are and over there, there's a tiny bit of cosiness. It happened to be my birthday so we were on the look-out for a nice restaurant. The people over there managed to squeeze us in eventhough they were booked and made sure our stay was pleasant.

In short, layovers are pretty weird. You're eager to get to your number 1 destination or you're tired and you want to go home. Either way you're probably a little bit wrecked by a previously long flight so your experience might be altered by the way you feel.

Either way, try to use and follow TravelUnlimited.

Have a safe trip!

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