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The Gili Islands? Yes, but No

Bijgewerkt op: 21 jun. 2018

"Aren't the Gili Islands paradise on Earth?"

- "Yes but..."

"Aren't there turtles swimming around and..."

- "Yes but there is..."

"Oh cool and isn't the water super warm?"

- "Yeah but you should..."

"And that Instagram swing in the water right?"

- "Yes, nevermind you should really go to the Gili's"

Are you this person? Then yes, go to the popular Gili Islands located just off the Northern Shore of Lombok.

It will be fun, doing nothing but relaxing. Maybe renting a bike and touring the small islands. Snorkeling and checking our turtles without paying for a private snorkeling trip. But be aware that the islands are being flooded by tourists. You won't be alone and you won't have that feeling you're all by yourself.

The Secret Gili's

I'm saying you should go to the Secret Gili's! Grab a boat and get your but to Lombok, which is as beautiful as Bali and largely undiscovered by tourists. So make sure you spend some time there as well. We stayed in Kuta, Lombok and enjoyed our time there cruising around from beach to beach catching ourself all alone with a coconut.

In Kuta, Lombok you can check out the small booths that sell small trips and one of them is to go to Gili Sudak, Gili Nanggu and Gili Gede. For €50 in total we arranged:

- Private driver that drove us from Kuta Lombok to the harbor

- Private boat with an snorkel instructor

- Full day trip to the three Islands

- The road back

Epic doesn't describe the trip. It was so relaxing and we felt like the only two people in the world. Our captain gave us all the time we wanted on the island and our 12 year old snorkel instructor who didn't speak a word English did a fantastic job escorting us to the best places underwater.

The corals are amazing and the peace and quiet you find on the islands are something I've never experienced before.

I'd strongly advise you to skip the commercial Gili Islands and spend that time in Kuta Lombok and make a day trip like we did to the Secret Gili's. I don't know how much longer these 'Secret Gili's' will be kept secret so don't hesitate.

Oh and please, don't leave any trash behind.

The sad thing about these islands is you can see how all of the Western trash finds it way to these islands. Coke bottles, Skittles wrapping, etc. It's heartbreaking to see paradise being destroyed by us.

If you have any questions about this trip make sure to leave them in the comments ;-)

Safe travels!

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