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The Good People Fashion

The Good People Fashion contacted me through Instagram asking if I was interested in their clothes.

The Good People offers a complete selection for the modern man. The GoodPeople are vibrant, playful, confident, imperfect, edgy, self-conscious, honest and have an eye for details. They're the grown-up bon vivant who always remained their boyish outlook on life.

The GoodPeople is a fashion label that celebrates both the joys and trials of being a man.

This is reflected throughout the brand’s portfolio, combining refined quality with deliberate imperfection.

From a strong line of fitted shirts, to hand finished knits and tailored blazers: the offbeat yet functional designs, vibrant detailing and contrasting schemes emphasize a man’s character.

They don't sport the 'rebel' look which is overused nowadays anyway.

The signature cloud logo, as featured on the garments, represents this ultimate state of liberty.

Founded in 2007, this Dutch label offers a complete range of men-only, modern authentic wardrobe essentials. Crafted in Europe only from the finest materials. 

And believe me, you feel the materials hugging your body. All of their clothes feel SO soft.

The pants feel like a jogging and the overshirt feels like your favorite pyjama's all while maintaining a casual classy look.

Take a look on their website and let me know what you think!

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