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William L. 1985

Bijgewerkt op: 28 mei 2018

William L. 1985 was started by Guillaume, someone who worked in the Swiss steel of fabricating watches. After a career with some of the most prestigious brands he decided to write his own book: Williaml1985.

His intent was to create classy watches who were affordable for the middle class man. And let me just say he succeeded at that! Being in the network of the men's watch industry, theses contacts landed him in the spotlight and his brand was shot up into the Instagram community.

The simple but chique wristbands that WilliamL1985 watches have create an aura around your entire outfit that not much other brands succeed in. The price rang is super doable for people like me! Ranging around €150

William L 1985 is honest about its production. The watches get designed in Paris and then the design gets send to their factories in China for production. Using this order of the creation process makes it realistic for the brand to compete with same priced watches.

If you ask, WilliamL1985 is well on their way to take a top spot in the Watch Industry!

Take a look at my Willy:

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