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Strength, Mobility and Longevity

You only have one body. Treat it right.

Every human should focus on becoming stronger and becoming more mobile. Not just for the aesthetics but for making your daily life feel like a breeze.

Focusing on physical goals and nearing your limitations is a great way to get to know yourself and handling failure and success.

Everyone wants to be young for as long as possible. Training with me will make sure you'll look and feel healthy in the long run.


Training For Warriors


Martin Rooney

Strength Training For Sports


Bram Swinnen

Gymnastic Strength & Mobility


Tristan Kobayashi

Handstand & Bodyweight Strength


Yuri Marmerstein

Fighting Monkey


J.Frucek & L.Kadnar

Mobility & Conditioning


Steve Maxwell



Yuval Avalon

Functional Range Conditioning


Dr. A. Spina & D. Nielsen

Easy Strength


Dan John

Adult Programming2


Matthew Truscott

Movement as Medicine


Kevin Carr

Corrective Exercises

Justin Price

Earthquake Architecture


J.Frucek & L.Kadnal

Relative Strength Programming



Barefoot Training Specialist Level 1


Barefoot Strong

Barefoot Training Specialist Level 2


Barefoot Strong


I was convinced when I heard a friend of mine was 'healed' from her hernia just by moving. The focus on mobility and strength under professional guidance was a deciding factor. 


A couple of months later my back is so much beter. After a couple of sessions I felt a big difference. Thanks Nick!

Thierry Mey

For two years, I've been having a lot of difficulties because of a hernia. Spine School,injections, physiotherapy and many other things didn't help. Since my classes with Nick, I don't have any pain whatsoever.


Finally I'm back to doing things I've been missing out of the past two years.

Jens Peeters

Online coaching

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Sam Voeten.jpg

Sam Voeten - Online Coaching Customer for over a year

After ten years of training, I thought I knew it all. Still I made the classic mistake of working out with heavy weights without the proper execution. I had grown accustomed to training with bad form. The entire left side of my body couldn't lift anything anymore.

I asked Nick for help and in just a matter of weeks he fixed me up. How? He focuses on the essence of movement and taught me the basics again. How to train correct and the relation between muscle and joints. His programs are intelligently created and take into account your strengths and weaknesses. He taught me more awareness in a couple of weeks than all of those years before.

And ofcourse you transform incredibly fast into a stronger and better built version!

I want to thank Nick for the training this summer, because it made such a difference. I haven't had any pain for over a month!
I'm finally able to go to practice and go to games without any problems!

Dominic Vandenstock - Patella Tendonitis

Online Coaching with Nick is the perfect way to stay motivated. The programs are easy to use and tailored to your needs. It always gives me a boost to get stronger in the winter. Without Online Coaching, my Garage Gym would turn into a dusty garage. I'm a happy customer and I'd advise anyone to to contact Nick.

Tim Remery - Online Coaching


Jonas Foerts

Nick is a driven coach, who has trained himself over the years. In this way he brings the maximum in you to the surface, without you ever being hurt. The chance that you will ever be hurt is minimized by training with Nick.

Professional Basketball Player


Jasper Sols

Professional Football Player

I worked with Nick during the offseason. I saw my fat percentage drop from 8% to 6,5% and I added 2kg of lean muscle mass. I became more mindful of my body as well. Nick is energetic, enthusiastic and dedicated to his craft!


Thomas Creppy

Professional Basketball Player

You combine strength work and mobility in a structured program. It's simple: you become a better athlete.

Together we'll discuss:
Realistic goals
Your lifestyle
The workout


Goal setting

Program Creating

Garage Gym Work

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